Juan Guerra

Juan Guerra

Hello Everyone! I'm Juan Guerra. a Video Journalist and Editor for more than 28 years.

I am a Volunteer Photographer with the LA County Fire Department, in Los Angeles, California, USA for 11 years now (LACOFD VPP PROGRAM PHOTOGRAPHER) . I am also a former Fire line pass holder (photographer) with the Los Angeles Fire Department (15 years) until november 2016 when the 32 year old Fire Line pass program was rescinded by the Los Angeles Fire Commission, under the direction and recommendation of the civilian Director of Public Information. Very Sad that happened...that means NO MORE PHOTOS OF THE LAFD. Previously, I was a Firefighter for 5 years in my natal country, Chile. I've captured incredible scenes from the fire line, and my work has been published in Grapevine Magazine, the Straight Streams Magazine, the Los Angeles Firefighters Newspaper and the LAFD Web Site. (SORRY NO MORE PHOTOS FOR THE LAFD WEBSITE, GRAPEVINE MAGAZINE OR ANY OTHER LAFD RELATED SITE OR PUBLICATION)

The pictures on this website are taken mainly for the Firefighter community. Firefighters use them in Training, education, Investigation and documentation of all kind of Incidents. If you want to purchase any photo, Please send me an email and make sure you include your name, address, Fire Station number and most Importantly the Incident name and file number.
My photographs are destined primarily for the use of the Fire Department and fire personnel only but exceptions can be made.

For Any questions feel free to contact me at any time: E-MAIL: juanguerra1@att.net Cell Phone: (818) 326-0898

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